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Againinator wish list

Here is my Againinator feature wish list:

It is big.  It is at least as big and beautiful as a large Moog modular
synth.  (See www.synthmuseum.com/moog/moomod04.html for an image.)

It is modular so that multiple Againinator delay units can be added.

It has digital patch cords and all the modular units have digital inputs 
outputs.  And MIDI control - yes, more cables!

Other digital effects modules can be added so that the delay feedback
signals can be routed through various effects, such as the BlenderQueen
(tm), etc.

Seriously, I do want a completely modular digital audio shredding device.
It would have individual dedicated modules for filters, reverb, distortion,
chorus, etc., all of which can be added in any combination and be patched 
any order.  All audio signals are digital, no line level analog signals
exist except in the main in/out module which has a top of the line

Sure, one may be able to do this in software with a Kyma, but I want an
impressive wall of electronics and lots of cables and knobs!