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Re: Againinator wish list

Kim it is quite clear to me that there is a position at Electros for you.

Gern Blanston
Electros Inc.

Kim Flint wrote:

> Hi Gern-
> I would like all of those same features, but in a footpedal. Please try
> to keep it small because I only have room in my pedal board for one more
> boss-sized pedal. Also, I get easily confused by too many buttons, so if
> you could make it totally controllable with 3 buttons or less that would
> be great. Don't sacrifice any features though, I need them all!! Please
> make sure the buttons are big, sturdy and clearly marked, because I
> usually perform in either my old smelly Birkenstocks or knee-high
> steel-toed platform boots. During my ambient solo sets, I need to be
> able to jump off the speaker cabinets, land on the Againinator pedal,
> spit fire, and tap an accurate delay time all while shrooming. (that's
> how I keep the audience awake....)  All these other wussy pedals I have
> keep breaking for some reason! Their pedals suck! I hope Electros can
> deliver a better product, or the loop composition I've been working on
> for 19 years will be totally ruined and my career will be over!!!
> you are da bomb!
> kim
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Allan Hoeltje [mailto:ahoeltje@best.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 12:47 PM
> To: Loopers Delight
> Subject: Againinator wish list
> Here is my Againinator feature wish list:
> It is big.  It is at least as big and beautiful as a large Moog modular
> synth.  (See www.synthmuseum.com/moog/moomod04.html for an image.)
> It is modular so that multiple Againinator delay units can be added.
> It has digital patch cords and all the modular units have digital inputs
> and
> outputs.  And MIDI control - yes, more cables!
> Other digital effects modules can be added so that the delay feedback
> signals can be routed through various effects, such as the BlenderQueen
> (tm), etc.
> Seriously, I do want a completely modular digital audio shredding
> device.
> It would have individual dedicated modules for filters, reverb,
> distortion,
> chorus, etc., all of which can be added in any combination and be
> patched in
> any order.  All audio signals are digital, no line level analog signals
> exist except in the main in/out module which has a top of the line
> AtoD/DtoA.
> Sure, one may be able to do this in software with a Kyma, but I want an
> impressive wall of electronics and lots of cables and knobs!
> -Allan