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Re: Pedal boards

There are some pretty cool pedalboards at

I've been think of using 3/8"-1/2" high density foam cut out to the shape 
my pedals to hold them in place on the board itself. Basically, you have to
have a big sheet, decide on a layout, trace the pedals, and use one of 
hot-wire foam cutters to cut the holes in the sheet. Then use adhesive 
to attach the foam to the board. If you change your mind, just scrape off
the old foam and re-foam. My SKB case came with some great foam like this, 
just have to find a place that sells it.

Since I have several different pedals that have the same shape
(Moogerfooger, Lovetone, Line 6, Boss), I could interchange the pedals
within my pre-cut foam holes if desired.

Anyone try something like this ... the thought of using glue and velcro 
doesn't appeal to me ...

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> RE: Pedal boards-
> I found http://www.stompin-ground.com on the web, and liked the looks of
> their stuff.  For flight cases, they're pretty cheap, and they're happy
> to build custom sizes and configurations.  I'm getting ready to order
> one 32X60X7 for my drum machines.  I just got another one from
> http://www.musictoyz.com/stdboard.htm and it's OK.  The price was good,
> but it's not built exactly the way I would have done it.  Definitely
> better than a milk crate, though.
> -Hans