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RE: Againinator?

Is this an example of the Againiator's 'stutter like a frightened child'
mode ? 

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Subject: Re: Againinator?

If your trying to 
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> The Againinator is all and everything.  It is where we are going, as
> well as where we've been.  It is the next step.  It is heaven.  It is
> alien, it is us.  It knows what we want and gives it.  It becomes better
> with each moment.  It's always in the future, yet it has been with us
> from the begining.  You have given all to get it, yet you have not paid
> for it.  It will make you a superstar.  It's children will nest in your
> thorax so that our children can bask in this new and improved audio
> looping technology.
> Rick Dickard
> Product Manager
> Electros Inc.
> PA5CALIO@aol.com wrote:
> > What the hell is the againinator?  Please someone tell me.
> > -Pascal

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