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Re: RE: Pedal boards

In a message dated 7/3/01 8:15:05 PM, Steuart.Liebig@maritz.com writes:

<< my "pedal board" is laughable . . .  >>

Currently using one of the lids from my SKB 12 space rack case to hold a 
Pod2, a Boss LS2 Line Selector, 2 DL4s, Digitech PDS8000, , Rolls MX28,  
a Furman power strip (with all the respective wall warts).  The lid's 
with a piece of carpet and nothing's velcroed in place as of yet - just 
it from car to gig like a serving tray.  Plan on getting the required 
and using the other lid from the rack case as a lid for this 
With a 2"-3" piece of foam betwixt the two it should hold everthing in 
for vertical carrying - with a suitcase type handle attached. - paul