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Re: Electrix Warp Factory @ ebay $98 Claude Voit comments

I did a search for "ebay" at Looper's Delight &
found the following:
Summary for query "ebay":
Found at least 233 matches in at least 51 files. 
156 matches in HTML tags ignored. 

I find rude people who try to represent a whole
mailing list more offensive than some guy listing
an item for sale.  (especially when my email
didn't even have to be opened in order to know
the entire subject)

I have seen some mailing list groups thrash some
guy for asking a simple question or making a
comment that they didn't agree with.  I even
remember a guy saying he would unsubscribe due to
the rudeness of a few people.

I don't consider myself an ebay capitalist, but
let's face it.  We get up each morning & go to
work in order to earn $.  

I purchased the Warp Factory, tried it for a few
min & decided that I could live without it.  I
have seen people posting "how can I get 1 cheap?"
So...I thought it would help.

Last: Webster's dictionary defines "capitalist"
as "1.A person who has capitol 2.an upholder of
Capitalism: "the economic system in which all or
most of the means of production and distribution
are privately owned and operated for profit,
originally under full competitive conditions."

I have a little $ & I agree with the system of
--- Claude Voit <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:
> Hey Robert
> I guess Loopers delight has become a "normal"
> mailing list as we now
> also get the Ebay capitalist schemes shit as
> any mailling list on the
> net 
> thank you for the content .
> Claude

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