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Re: Againinator image

Actually I didn't think there was a great need for a large display, since a
unit as advanced as the Againinator assumes some sort of infrared/cortical
hookup.  That's not really my department, but I suggest you drop a line to
the Againinator engineering and legal departments.  Good luck.

David Lee Myers
Freelance Imaging Team

P.S. Something may be in the works involving data gloves which will allow
you to really "feel" the VST plug-ins as blocks...

on 7/5/01 5:34 AM, McCullaghJ@Logica.com at McCullaghJ@Logica.com wrote:

> Dave .. excellent work !
> But considering the vast functionality of the unit, the LED display might
> be a little small .. any chance that it could support Virtual Reality
> goggles, and some kind of 3D operating system where VST plug-ins are
> represented as floating blocks ? :-)
> if you'd like to license my patented "BrainMerge" (tm) technology, you
> could bypass all that pesky messing around with S/PDIF and optical 
> and link the unit directly to the listener's brain ....
> http://www.geocities.com/vibrolounge/press12.html
> - John