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RE: For sale


I could be wrong, but it sounds like you might have a
very rare analogue Againinator!

This could be the same one used by the Stones at
Altamont. They were hoping it could fill in for
Keith Richards,(who had died 6 months previously),
but the Againinator got into the Hell's Angels'
beer stash, killed a spectator, & vanished into the

Unconfirmed reports put the Againinator in Paris in
the early 70's, where Jim Morrison planned to use it
to replace the other members of the Doors. As the
story goes, Jim recited his poetry to the Againinator
one night & was found dead in his bath tub the next

I strongly recommend that you do the proper research
to determine if you are in possession of a valuable
piece of rock history & if you are, to do the right

Put it on ebay.


--- "J. Miranda V." <gnominus@earthling.net> wrote:
> I have one of the early-prototype Againinator units
> that I was given to
> test.  I don't have photos or anything, and the box
> is just plain metal with
> no writing on it, just the buttons and the knobs. 
> Maybe you could make good
> use of it.  If somebody would like to offer me some
> cash for it, or is
> otherwise interested, please let me know off the
> list.
> Thanks!
> Javier
> Berkeley, Calif.
> U.S.

John Tidwell

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