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OT: Re: Klein questions for klein, and guitar players

jeremiah266@hotmail.com writes:
>So I thought about having Ed Roman of
>www.world class guitars build me a copy.
>I told him I wanted a
>Klien that has a rosewood neck, because the one I played had one
>and he told me that rosewood didnt do anything but raise the
i believe that he's wrong.

>and went on to suggest that I should get one of his
>composite necks that have been formulated to sound like wood.
formulated to sound like wood?

>The klien that I played was also made of basswood and Ed said
>that kind of wood was inferior to a something like korina which
>is his suggestion.
the basswood klein remains my favorite.

>Ed also told that the addition of transtrem
>would raise the price 1300 Dollars!? Can that be right for a
it *could* be, but certainly *shouldn't* be --- better to call someone at 
music-yo / steinberger / gibson, to see if it's possible to buy one, 
dt / s-c