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Re: Klein questions for klein, and guitar players

In a message dated 07/07/2001 7:01:15 PM Central Daylight Time,
jeremiah266@hotmail.com writes:

I was thinking about getting a Klein guitar but soon after I

played one (and fell in love with it) I found out that their is

a ten month waiting list. So I thought about having Ed Roman of

www.world class guitars build me a copy. I told him I wanted a

Klien that has a rosewood neck, because the one I played had one

and he told me that rosewood didnt do anything but raise the

price and went on to suggest that I should get one of his

composite necks that have been formulated to sound like wood.

The klien that I played was also made of basswood and Ed said

that kind of wood was inferior to a something like korina which

is his suggestion. Ed also told that the addition of transtrem

would raise the price 1300 Dollars!? Can that be right for a


Thanks in advance reply on or off list which ever you feel to be


Wow, Lorenzo is busy!  

I have a chambered swamp ash Klein with Joe Barden pickups.  When I ordered
it in the summer of 97, the wait time was four months.  But about one month
after I ordered it, Lorenzo called me and said he had a guitar returned to
him - unbelievable, but the guy didn't like it - and it was a natural-colored
chambered swamp ash, like I wanted.  He installed the JBs and the custom pots
I wanted, and it was my guitar.  

To me, it's worth every penny I paid.  It's the guitar that goes to every
gig.  I also own some vintage jazz boxes, and i love them, but they don't do
what the Klein does.  It usually takes me a year just to get used to a
guitar, and if me and the guitar can't agree with each other, I sell it.  The
Klein stays.  So if you have to wait 10 months, I say "big deal".  

All I know from Ed Roman is from the one phone conversation I've had with
him, and that wasn't pleasant.  His words didn't match his "policies" or
anything else his website promises.  I don't trust him.  But that's me.  
Others may be perfectly happy with him.  On the other hand, Lorenzo has
always been very helpful and truthful.  I bet he doesn't have much time to
talk these days.  He doesn't need to hustle to sell guitars.

There are downsides to playing a Klein.  Kids will gawk and ask questions.  
So will adults, especially if they've been drinking.  (Ted Waitt, CEO of
Gateway computers, was the latest gawker, Friday night.  He could afford a
Klein, right?)  People will ask stupid questions and wait for answers.  Oh