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OT: minding the open mind (was Againinator prototype image)

Gah!  I was gone for a few days and then I discovered that I had
really put my foot in my mouth!

Sometimes my attempts at wry humor would have been better off
taking a nap and waiting for divine inspiration in the form of a
prophetic dream or something.  What was intended as
tongue-in-cheek humor upon cursory examination really came off
as narrow minded and rude.

Sorry all!!!!!

*glances with irony at the bubble gum vinyl Christian Death live
album on the shelf*


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> At 05:35 PM 7/6/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hmmm, should appeal to the goth crowd, but I don't think they
> >loop much ....
> >
> Hey...If I wasn't so busy brooding and drinking absinthe, I'd
say 'them's
> fighting words, son".  As a card carrying member of the goth
crowd, I loop
> plenty, as does the wife.
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