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Re: Does anyone got Electrix ears from Musician's Friend??

Sunao Inami (06:21 PM 07/10/01) wrote:

 >Does anyone got Electrix gears from  Musician's Friend?
 >I am still waiting over 30days since my order..

My wife got her order, but they screwed up. They sent her two Filter 
and a MoFX instead of one FQ, one Warp Factory and a MoFX.

She called, they said no problem the WF's are in stock and they'll ship 
one. She waited a couple of days, called, was told that the WF never went 
out and they didn't have any more. She screamed, talked to a manager, felt 
he was useless, found a WF at http://www.Music123.com, ordered one from 
there, and returned the extra FQ.

I just checked Music123.com, it looks like they only have Filter Factorys