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Re: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)


Ok, I stand ... corrected. Mr.. Zvonar (if that is really your name), I meant no disrespect, but I have grown tired of posts that boast the accolades of equipment, that is either out of my price range, beyond my comprehension, or just too weird. Saying that your post was without its merits, would be ludicrous. I have always said these forums are best realized when the flow of information benefits at least one person. Maybe the person who posted the original question did not benefit from your Odin-like knowledge, but I am sure somebody did. My main problem is when someone rattles out 5 or 6 Model numbers, and a few manufacturers names, in response to a question, instead of offering advice, or inquiring into what equipment the person is using, and what they want to accomplish with said equipment, that is when I get "queasy". Now this thread could have been very interesting, but instead, it has been polarized, and the original person who posted the question feels as though his question was not properly answered. Now we have Pro-Dj Devious D / Pro- Mr.. Zvonar folks, or vice-a-versa, and the question was never answered... by anyone.

Mr.. Zvonar wrote "Here's your opportunity to tell us something useful"...My thought is... "what is deemed useful to one man, can be another man's hindrance". (Yup... I made that up).

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