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Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

So basically you want a budget sampler that supports .WAV files, sample 
via MIDI or disk, and is controllable via MIDI.

Based on your budget, you have a bunch of machines to check out (ordered in
increasing price) ...

Akai S20
Yamaha SU-10
Boss SP-303
Zoom SampleTrak ST224
Yamaha SU-200
Korg Electribe ES-1
Yamaha SU700

I was looking for the same thing about a year ago and got a Yamaha SU700,
then found out it only support .AIFF file formats and it doesn't have the
ability to store samples on-board. Although, the effects are really good 
the MIDI implementation is pretty good, you have to pay extra for a SCSI
adapter and ZIP drive if you want convenient sample storage. They've come
down in price $300-400 since I bought it last year.

If I was buying today, I would probably look at getting the Korg Electribe
ES-1, next to the Yamaha SU-200. One of the weird issues with this Korg 
is that the .WAV files need specific names to load correctly, but it
supports onboard static RAM storage and SmartMedia storage, which is very

Check it out:

Each of these units have their own idiosyncrasies, so I would read reviews
on every one of them.
There are some great, detailed reviews at:

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> Does anybody know how to do the following (for the lowest expense)?
> - Take .wav files off a pc
> - Load 'em to a device (what's the best device for this?)
> - Use a foot pedal as a trigger
> - Have 5 or so buttons to hit for a song, each setting off a repeating
loop until you hit another button, which will start a different loop,
replacing the previous one.
> Very simple desire.
> Thanks.
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