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Cal. Bass Looping Tour

Hi All!
Just a quick post to say thanks to all the LDers who showed up at each of 
the shows on the Solo Bass Looping Tour.  It was a great time, and really 
cool to attach a face to those who post.
It was a wonderful time touring with Michael Manring, Steve Lawson and 
Walker.  Some really great music, totally improvised and quite 
"loop-intensive"  The turnout for each show got bigger and bigger(we est. 
about 450 in Santa Cruz!)....imagine that, for a LoopFest!  And each city, 
folks were fascinated by the looping technology employed.
We have a running "tour diary" posted at www.talkbass.com if anyone is 
interested in reading about a tour which has certainly had an impact on 
public perception of looping....
Max Valentino
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