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Re: What kinds of ReMixing are you doing in your live shows?

In a message dated 7/11/01 5:16:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
GLOBAL@cruzio.com writes:

One of the things that muliple instrument live looping affords us is the
ability to remix in real time.  I have not seen a lot of people doing this
very much (Miko is a notable exception) and am interested in others who are
fascinated by this distinct possibility.

rick.....please give an example of what you are doing.....are you talking
about creating a loop and then "warping" it out with prosessors in real time?
or what?.....my *live* shows have been in resturant/lounge venues, not big
time loop xtravaganzas.....oh you lucky man!.....so i do a bit of loop
messing but not as much as i do in my studio when im being totally
self-indulgant.....i was very fortunate to get some electix stuff but i dont
think ill use that till i learn it better.....my last "gig" at my sweeties
art opening, i took my mighty casio cz-5000 and sent that through my zoom
2100 -> digi space ped-> rang -> and played with some percussive loops on the
sequencer of the casio, these went on for about 3-5 min, no one seemed to get
upset and it was a lot of fun to mess with.....i really want to make my
playing out to be more like 50% guitar stuff and 50% (GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT),
perhaps this is the re-mixing your talking about rick :?), right now im 97%
guitar and just a few moments of wackiness, i want a better balance!.....got
a gig next week, this might be fun to kick around.....:)m
p.s." (Miko is a notable exception) " ktcb