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Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

>  >--- Mark Pulver <mark@redmoon-music.com> wrote:
>  >>Functionality is all there, the manual is complete,
>  >> and they've been "code complete" for a while. It's all about
>  >last->minute tweaks at this point.
>  >>
>  >> Mark
>  >
>  >If the last minute tweaks are not code, then what could they be?  In my
>  >industry, "code complete" means you lock the code, the tweaks are done,
>  >and the testing on the tweaks is done.

Let's all applaud Electrix for NOT releasing a buggy product
to the market.  I have to feel that there's someone intelligent
back there who's determined that when it goes to market there
are not going to be any known bugs.  

And they are completely right.  In the hardware business, b
etter to be months and months late with a flawless
product than to be on-time with something that almost works.


semper ubi sub ubi