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RE: pci sound card?


also on the subject - Roland has a new product coming out which is a PCI
card tied to a digital mixer (not the edirol product) which could be good 
you are looking for control surfaces with your ins and outs.  I can't
remember the name though - something with Studio in it I think.


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> Subject: Re: pci sound card?
> Hi Mike,
> These comments are based on pretty long-winded research... both
> are supposed to have very high-quality DAC's for this price point.
> I've heard consistently good remarks regarding the M-Audio Delta
> 66 (with or without the Omni I/O mixer interface). 4 tracks in
> and out... The Delta 66 is about $290 street... The Omni-Studio
> (which includes the mixer and Delta 66) is about $399 street. You
> can usually find these for slightly less on eBay.
> The Creamware Luna II is possibly even nicer but the PCI card
> only has 2 inputs. There is a proprietary port on the card though
> which connects to their hardware box that expands the I/O to 8 or
> 10 inputs and outputs. The PCI card is around $333 street. The
> additional box to expand i/o is quite a bit more, although I
> don't remember the exact prices. These don't pop up on eBay
> nearly as often.
> Happy shopping!
> -Miko Biffle
> >>> feeneymike@yahoo.com 07/14/01 07:45PM >>>
>       Hey again,
>       I'm looking for a PCI sound card for my PC (Win98SE).
> Hoping for one that
> will allow me to record multiple tracks simultaneously (4 or more).  Any
> recommendations?  There are loads of them out there; it's kind of 
> to try to pick one out.  Thanks in advance...
>       Mike
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