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Re: Microphones/feedback

jeremiah266@hotmail.com writes:
>I am curious to what brand of microphones are good to mount on  guitars.
i like salt-shaker mics, as they've got a freq. response that's limited to 
fairly narrow (mid-range) bandwidth.

>I  wonder if they pick up tranducer like guitar sounds or only gernerate 
i've got one mic mounted *under* the neck pickup --- at very very low 
volumes, it sounds a bit like an 'acoustic-y' transducer.

>Also my experiences with feedback has always beed kind of frustrating 
>because much of the time the feedback noises I get too much louder than
>my non feed back noises. Do I just need to get a compressor for more 
i shouldn't think so, but:
try it, if ya can. (i regularly use a compressor, for the fdbk stuff).

dt / s-c