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RE: IVL Electrix

Yeah, Tim, I'm one of those trying to figure this out. Guitar Center billed
the three full rack Electrix specials as closeouts - and a guy at Mars 
told me they were going out of business. And now you're saying they're
simply selling out what units they have remaining. None of this computes to
me. Why would you quit selling some of your products - and mind you, this 
all three of their full rack units - if you weren't in some dire financial
trouble? I mean, the R&D is already done and, presumably, paid for. It's
time to rake in the profits. But, even if not, you'll never recover those
funds if you stop selling the product!

Moreover, I saw the Repeater demoed at Winter NAMM with Mo-FX. Seems to me
that Repeater and some of the other Electrix products have a synergistic
relationship with each other whereby sales of one will lead to sales of the
other. If so, why discontinue that other part of the line when it seems
reasonable to conclude that sales of those other products will increase in
the short-term future?

The Repeater was first promised for delivery in October of last year. As
everyone knows, it's taken much, much longer to ship than anyone
anticipated. Those R&D costs must be significant - we're nearly a year 
at this point, and still counting. In the past few months, we've seen the
advertising for Repeater kick in, thereby providing some proof that 
did, at least, hope to ship the product earlier. But, that's wasted money 
you don't have a product to actually sell for many months to come. I just
have to think finances are a concern. They'd have to be, I think.

So maybe this talk about discontinuing these products is just so much
marketing brouhaha so we'd buy some of their stuff. Maybe they'll announce
later that, due to incredible demand, they've decided NOT to close out 
products after all.

I know that the prices were so attractive, and all of your comments on this
list so glowing, that I admit that I even now own some Electrix products at
this point. And, I expect I'll buy a Repeater too, if and when they ship.
Even if Electrix goes down (which I'd hate to see happen), I figure if I 
two years of good service from these products, I'll consider it money well
spent. We'll see about that.

I'd also like to say that, given the likely financial concerns that must
exist at Electrix, it's really a credit to them that they haven't shipped
the Repeater yet. They deserve to be applauded for waiting until the 
is "right."


> Some folks seemed to be concerned about the future reliability of the
> Repeater because Electrix is such a small company.  I also heard some
> concern regarding the choice Electrix made to sell off their remaining
> effects units (financial trouble?).  But isn't Electrix just a 
> of the same company that made Digitech as big as they are?  As I
> understand
> it, IVL acquired Electrix just prior to the choice to scrap the remaining
> effects units and make the Repeater their number one priority.  This does
> not sound like a small company in financial trouble.
> Or maybe I'm rationalizing because I already paid for a unit with a money
> order...  ;)