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Re: Live stereo looping (was Re: DON'T TRUST THE SOUND MAN)

> You know there's that psycho-acoustic effect (I can't remember it's name)
> where you can pan sounds from left to right by adjusting the
left-right time
> delay.  It's a small delay, on the order of 800 microseconds.

Sound goes one foot and one inch per millisecond, so the
time delay between your two ears (about 10 inches apart) 
would be about 800ms!

I can't remember this name either, I have it on the tip of my tongue.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this effect in general because it
works badly when you mix into mono.  You get a comb filter 
starting at 1.25KHz... 1.25K is the sweetspot, 612.5Hz is cancelled,
1.865KHz is cancelled, 2.5KHz is a sweetspot, etc.

We tried this in shows, it works great if you are mixed in stereo,
but it fries your vocals if you go into mono.

The "something" effect.  Damn.  What is that name?



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