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RE: Live stereo looping (was Re: DON'T TRUST THE SOUND MAN)

I agree completely with Dave, at least in my experience playing
small/medium clubs in New England, the Midwest and Northwest. The only
venues I've played in where it's been stereo mains have been theater-type
halls where the audience sits facing forward and doesn't walk around during
the performance, and even most of them have been mono. I've almost never
seen stereo house systems in a smaller situation with drinks and tables,
the exception being acts who bring their own stuff.


At 03:06 PM 7/20/01 -0400, you wrote:
> > What have been other people's experiences with playing stereo 
>> live?   
>I would say, that 99% of the clubs I have played in have mono systems.
>Most likely because they are easier to run and cheaper than dealing with
>stereo (using half of the power amp for monitors, the other for mains).
>Bigger clubs with more $ may have stereo, but for the most part around
>here (West coast of Florida) its all mono.