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Voice looping and loopers in New Jersey?

Hello, everyone.
  I joined the list a couple days ago.
  I found the list after remembering the time a couple years ago when I 
at a bookstore a man named Samite perform a traditional African song by 
layering his voice live, singing the different parts and then singing the 
lead over top.  I think what he used was a Echoplex Digital Pro.  That is 
familiarity in person with such a live multi-layering device, although I 
have heard of another, the Jam Man.
  I apologize if my questions are overly basic:
  What device or equipment would people recommend as the most user 
editing and arranging-wise or versatile effects-wise for live performance, 
such as street performance or busking, of music made by improvised 
and editing of singing and vocal sounds (like beat box or a cappella 
extraterrestrial techno) or vocals with acoustic guitar?
  Does anyone on this list have experience or interest in street 
or busking?
  How can I try out in person any devices or equipment that people 
recommend?  The Sam Ash store in Edison, New Jersey said I would have to 
the Digital Pro if they tried to order it for me to try.
  Does anyone on this list live in or near New Jersey?
  Thank you for your time.  I greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions.
  Feel free to respond to my personal email, if you prefer: 

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