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Re: New LIne 6 rackmounts

kevin wrote:
"Cool, but no digital I/O?  Besides the extra RAM on the delay modeler,
doesn't look that much better than the floor models.  MIDI is nice, but 
no deal maker..."

Actually,  I jumped for joy when I heard that they have midi. On our recent
tour I told somebody, "if the DL-4 had midi syncing, I would dump every one
of my Jampersons in an instant".

A queery:   does the midi implementaion actually include syncing?  I assume
it does but it might just be for midi controller info.

A second queery:  how much for these puppies.  It doesn't seem to say at 
Line 6 site.

An observation:   the Line 6 Filter module got roundly thrashed when the
first .wav files were posted of examples on the Line 6 website.
I, too, was really disappointed.

I just spent a half hour with one in
Union Grove Music yesterday.
There is not a tremendous amount of normal useability in this pedal (but
then I have always thought that
filtered wahs and envelope followers were really cheesy sounding in funk)
but, let me tell you,  there is some serious assed wierd in these pedals.
I actually dug the hell out of it and am saving my pennies (when are these
damn companies going to give me an endorsement ;-) to buy one.
Plus, it's purple.........say no more, nudge, nudge, wink,wink!!

Rick Walker (loop.pool)