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Re: Loopfest in New York, getting together

>i can contact the knit/tonic, if you'd like --- though it'll be a few 
>days to
>a week, before i do.
>1) how many loopers; who?

so far the following have expressed interest:

   David Lee Myers
   todd reynolds
   Steve Sandberg

>2) any dj's interested?

Gee, an interesting point!  I know a lot of good DJs but none who

>3) who will be 'production manager/coordinator'?

I can do this.

>etc etc.
>i'm not free, myself, until september 15th, or so.

Just as well.  I need to relaunch extreme NY radio (yes,
I am working on this... I think it will be worth the wait)
and I have to make my new show (adding the Buchla Thunder
and the K2600 and, conceivably, a Repeater, a new looper,
have you heard about it?)

So September is just the right time.

Steve Sandburg has volunteered to contact the Knit, but,
hey, more volume never hurts.

I have a nodding acquaintance with E# (I've a cut on
State of the Union 2.001 and he's on my mailing list)
but don't think I'm in a position to book it... hint,


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