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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

This relates to part of my interest in street performance- a way to bring 
people together, or realize that we are already together, with music.  I'm 
not feeling much more articulate than that at the moment as my head and 
seem to be spinning and flickering from too much computer screen exposure.

[Jehn] CD's are like books..they have to be opened to be appreciated. Just 
like no one generally thinks of donuts until they smell the store..and 
one can usually afford to be impulsive about such things,knowing they dig 
donuts..people are skeptical and hesitant to plop down $14.99 for 
that could end up rotting in the jewel case after one play.  Considering 
huge amount of crap on the radio..'specially here in Orlando..aka White 
Trash Hollywood Theme Park..and that it's allowed to continue year after 
year leads me to believe that the music being played has succeeded in 
anesthetizing the masses..and only music masked as a new drug..or vice 
versa, will wake the deaf. I'm trying to get a head's up on this one 
because my dears, I'm very hungry, and it's the karma-soothing employment 
teaching that's barely sustaining me. I can't even afford to take my Jam 
in to get fixed so I can put on a proper performance. Forget shows..we 
should go door-to-door with Cd's and headphones like we're canvassing for 

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