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Re: the electrix repeater

Sorry Tom, but where I come from when someone tells you something like, 
"as soon
as we get a power supply..." at a point when they're 10 months away from 
finished software, you are being lied to.  When you're told a shipping 
date at a
point when "nasty crashes and lock-ups...or card memory corruption!!" is 
close to being an issue, you are being lied to.  Maybe in the sunny love 
love land
where you live, everyone tries very hard at their job and does a great 
job, but
here in the real world, I find people that call themselves "project 
managers" or
"marketing engineers" to talk out their ass on a regular basis.  Setting
unrealistic due dates is one of their greatest skills.  I'd love to here an
uncensored version of what's going on at Electrix from an engineer/software
engineer.  I'd bet we'd all have a nice chuckle.

<nelson> Ha ha </nelson>

Tom Ritchford wrote:

> Mark "What did they know and when did they know it?" Sottilaro
> <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> >My guess is that they have not been honest from the start.  I saw what 
> >to me to be a fully functional unit at Bananna's At Large in San
> >Rafael, CA.  I
> >was there for a very long time and the unit did not crash or 
>malfunction once.
> >Does perfection exist?  No.  So what's the real story?  Who knows,
> >but Electrix
> >isn't saying.  Maybe they're still trying to get that power supply 
>right.  I
> >think it's funny that they used to post to the list almost every day, 
>and now
> >they are amazingly quiet.
> Why is "the software doesn't work right" implausible?  We all know
> that software is a very unpredictable enterprise!
> So they were able to show a demo with a specific unit where they
> showed specific functions that they knew weren't going to crash.
> That doesn't mean that there aren't specific, reasonable things
> that you could do that would cause nasty crashes and lock-ups...
> or card memory corruption!!
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