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Re: repeater question

I don't own a Repeater, so I can't address that issue.

I have an EDP.  It may be a bit misleading to say that the feedback (or as
the first msg put it, "fade level") is only applicable when the track is
being recorded.  If I start a loop and then take the EDP out of
recording/overdub mode (all lights green), the feedback control still
applies to that loop.

Maybe I misunderstood what you said?  Just wanted to make sure that the
poster had a good understanding of the EDP's capabilities.

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> paul,
> >For overdubbing within a track(s), can the "feedback level" (ie: fade
> >be set/adjusted  independantly for each of the four tracks within a loop
> >or is there one "feedback level" for the the loop as a whole?
> (somebody correct me if i's wroing (or misleading), here.....)
> w/repeater, a single loop is comprised of all 4 tracks.
> as w/the EDP, the entirety of the loop is accessed by only one feedback
> however:
> as the feedback level is only applicable when a given track is 'open', ie
> 'recording', and:
> as repeater's  'feedback level' is addressed via midiCC#11,
> then ye can alter it at will, eg 'in between' recording of the separate
> tracks.
> the unit will only record 1mono or 1stereo track in a 'pass';
> effectively, this means that it's possible to have different feedback
> for each of the four tracks.....
> the altered feedback level isn't applied until a track is 'open'.....
> dt / s-c