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purpose of "Feedback" (was RE: repeater question)

First: many thanks for the responses/ clarifications regarding 
feedback capabilities.  Although it looks like I'll still need to keep my 
multi looper set up (presently 2 DL4s, RDS8000, Vortex) the "Repeater" 
fit in nicely and provide more options.  Waiting for the day when all this 
stuff can go on a notebook computer....

In a message dated 8/26/01 2:25:38 PM, sginn@airmail.net writes:
<< What is actual definition and purpose of "Feedback" and why would you
want to control it? >>

"Feedback" is basically the fade level of previous layers in a digital 
looper.  Control of this level lets you either freeze a loop (100% 
at its present state, let old layers fade as new layers are added (<100% 
feedback), or let the loop on one looper fade as you're adding stuff to a 
second looper.  Runing multi loopers and hop-scotching betwixt and between 
the best way (at least my favorite way) to continually evolve textures/ 
themes etc.  One example that works effectively in a performance situation 
to develope a real "pretty" ambient type texture on one machine, maybe do 
little theme playing/ improv. over top, then start gradually building 
more "violent"/ "frenzied", textures on another looper to the point that 
original "mellow" texture (on machine 1) is now obscured.  After building 
things to a musical climax you then set machine 2 to gradually fade out 
slowly, out of the aether, your original mellow loop appears.  Playing 
"tension/release" game is what makes linear music interesting, especially 
extended improvs. - paul