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RE: Repeater - First Impressions

Copied from the Repeater manual PDF:

LPAa Considerations
If Repeater is in Beat detect, MIDI Sync, or the metronome is turned on in
User mode then as long as you press
Record near the downbeat of your track, Repeater will automatically tweak
the loop start time to the nearest
division of the beat. To stop recording press Record close to the downbeat
of the next bar. Repeater will auto-
matically tweak the end point to match up with the start point and
immediately begin playing the trimmed loop.
If you are just in user mode with no metronome then no LPA is applied to
your recording.

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> Kevin Mulvihill wrote:
> > 3) LPA is cool...
> What's LPA?
> Inquiring minds wanna know...
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