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Re: 2 Amps in Guitar Looping Setup?

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From: Doug Cox <bickleypunk@pdq.net>
>I'm thinking that if I add another looper/delay in the effects loop, with
>some sort of A/B box for bypassing, I'd be able to decide what signal goes
>to what amp.  For instance:
>Guitar -> Dynacomp -> FM4 Filter Modeler -> Rivera Amp -> Rivera Effects
>Loop Out -> Digitech RP7 -> Small Clone -> A/B Box
>A/B Box (A) -> EDP -> Rivera Effects Loop Return
>A/B Box (B) -> DL4? -> Roland JC120 (slave)

How about this?

guitar -> stomp boxes -> guitar preamp (optional) -> mixer
mixer left output-> Rivera amp
mixer right output -> Roland amp
mixer aux 1 output -> looper #1 -> mixer
mixer aux 2 output -> looper #2 -> mixer
mixer anx 3,4,5,6 -> other devices -> mixer

A Mackie, Behringer, or other mixer for $350 - $1100 can fill the bill 
nicely.  I saw some Mackie 1402VLZ mixers on sale locally for $360.