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A few for now:

PC Freeware: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~bcassidy/hog/

It does waveform convolution, eq matching, vocording, and ring
modulation between any two .WAV files, as well as decimation and
frequency extraction.  Non-real-time, but the program is VERY
simple to use and incredibly fun.  I've encountered a bug or
two, but I've literally spent hours and hours and hours futzing
with it just to see what comes out next.  Don't think there's
much active support for this, the documentation is only online
and VERY sparse, but it's free and fun.

PC Freeware (Free version - 6 mono tracks, half the
editing/processing functions, no expiration, saves allowed)
PC Regular ware $35 US (Fat version - 12 tracks, more
editing/processing functions)

This is the most immediately enjoyable and creative.WAV based
loop software tool I've ever used.  And source of the most
ongoing fun I've had for $35.  Not at all useful for recording
live loops, but it is useable as a live loop arranger/mangler.

It's got a very creative interface that actually inspired new
creative processes for me, and made other kinds of common edits
very easy to perform.  There's still a number of interface
issues that really need to be addressed (no clip meter LED's,
the pattern arranger has no numbering scheme, song mode needs to
have definable start/end points), but the main loop manipulation
controls are very useable.  The biggest caveat with this program
for me is that it doesn't currently support zero-crossing point
processing for it's audio editing.  It's a tribute to the
progam's usefullness that I'll actually take the time to edit
out the 'pops' that occur from some of my edits.

What it does well is take common editing functions and make them
incredibly accessible.  For example, the track arranger has a
very simple but effective shtick, all tracks are arranged in
pairs, and you have a number of crossfading/processing options
available that affect pairs of tracks as a unit.  For example,
you can load loop A into the track 1 slot, load loop B into the
track 2 slot, and then assign crossfade behavoirs between the
two tracks, as well as a 'gapper' type function that mutes
selected 32nd note length sections of both tracks.

There's also a 'Recycle'-esque function for each individual
track file that divides that track's .WAV file into 16 equal
peices and lets you swap any of those peices around to rearrange
the .WAV file in real time.  You can save these arbitrary part
arrangements as presets.  I've taken a single drum loop and
created around a dozen distinct and interesting variations just
by messing with the .WAV rearranger and crossfading between

The programmer, Bram Bos, runs his own yahoo list for the
product which he is very active on
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tuareg.  He's also working on a
2.0 version that appears to address many of the interface/pop
issues as well as add new softsynths that sound really
fantastic.  The upgrade will be free for registered users of

Not quite pro quality software (zero crossing processing is a
must for me, and there's other limitations), but damn close for
a single programmer working on the side, and WELL worth a look.
Doesn't support plugins yet, or run as one, but it does
currently run STOMPER as a plugin, which is nifty.

PC Free/Postcard/Music ware (it's technically free and
unlimited, but he asks nicely for sample of music generated with
Stomper, and he wants a copy of commercial sample cd's made with
his software)

What started as a humble software analog drum synth (tones only,
no sequencing), has actually grown to be a very usable program
for generating any analog style or sample based/analog style
processed .WAV files.  Simple and elegant.  Got some fantastic
tones from it.  With a little bit of effort, you can easily
generate audio loops in it.  I use it to create semi-phrasical
rythmic loops.  I'm making up a word here.  FUN.


TONS of free and some demo plugins:

I'll review some of these when I have time.

Lots of interesting DirectX plugins here:

Excellent thread Rick!!!