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Re: rebirth and reason?


hahaha!  good intentions aside...please don't start any flame wars 
over this PC/Mac thing...

especially over a smart ass comment from Cliff that was designed to 
get a reaction from me, i'm sure...not as a overall slam against Mac 

Cliff is just a little touchy, ya know?  he knows well enough i will 
kick his ass next time i see him...

all in all, he's been a big help with my Mac shame, however...

He put me on a steady diet of IRQ conflicts, and i've felt better 
ever since!  Still trying to get him to wear his "Cubase blows" 
t-shirt, but he's a little stubborn.



>Or perhaps out of kindness as to not embarrass the people here that spent
>money on Bills latest piece of crap software.  I've been running Mac OSX 
>for a
>few weeks now, and franky, nothing from Microsoft comes close.
>I always wonder why people all agree that Microsoft is evil, yet will
>continually cut down any of it's compatation.  Weird.  It's like not being
>able to get out of an abusive relationship.  I use both Macs and PCs at 
>and at work, and the Macs are clearly better, in my opinion.  Now that 
>are writing OSX native apps, I'll change that to, Macs are in fact better 
>every way.
>Mark Sottilaro