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Re: rebirth and reason?

You have made some good points on the Mac, and those seem like design 
or maybe the Mac folks are so pretentious to believe that Mac owners don't 
have kids, that might be "curious" about the inner workings of the 
speaker... who knows. Maybe it's a ploy, so that when your kids poke out 
membrane, you'd get a up-scale speaker model, with better protection ?

Reason, vs ReBirth vs Logic Audio vs Orion vs Fruity Loops, Vs ACID vs 
Reaktor... it's all software. I know folks that can produce opera's in 
Fruity Loops (well, just some hellified music), and some who work 
magic in Reason, it's all one's preference.

You made a very poignant point, it all boils down to whether or not an app 
is intuitive, well thought out, and useful to the user at hand.
(When it comes to effects, there are VST and DirectX plugins that will 
up any audio app's inherent effects processor).

Lucien E. Darthard
A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline Placed On It.

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From: glenn <glenn234@pacbell.net>
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Subject: Re: rebirth and reason?
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 21:14:21 -0700

Well I love cubase and Reason for it's mac like intuitiveness.
Most people i know like Logic Audio (mostly cause it has a [way] better
built in reverb), but i couldn't give a toss about any programs that aren't
intuitive, cause all that stuff just takes up headroom that i could use to
be creative musically instead of technically(left brain versus right, or
better left versus harmonious balance). Cubase is great!

Maybe the effects in Reason don't seem so great, but since you can route
them through ReWire to Cubase and do whatever you want with them it's not
that big of a deal.

More importantly, it seems like 100 percent of the people i know who have
tried and like or not like eason to any degree had never, ever, really 
explored it.

What i mean is this: If you just look at it like bunch of software gear and
start comparing features to existing gear then ultimately it will seem
inferior and in any case it will be devalued in your mind. Perhaps the
immaculate attention to detail and intuitive design are partially to blame
for distracting people from what that program is, and so they never see the
big picture:

The big picture, as i see it, is that Reason is a modular synth. If you're
spending most of your time looking at the front of the rack then you're
missing out, kind of like spending a day at Disneyland and just sitting on
the benches there and not going on any rides or attractions, in which case
you missed the beauty. patch some crazy routings!

You can patch anything, man. You can use say about 5 pattern sequencers-set
to "curve" on the back and patched into things like "FM amount", Filter
cutoff, echo panning, parametric eq filter frequency, pitch, etc and create
sounds a person with a fairlight(at least a series IIx back in the day)
would only have dreamed about. The levels of "looping" of influences of one
piece of gear's signals cascading into the next and so on and then back can
be intoxicating leave you blown away , but I bet you'll have a whole new
perspective on this instrument if you'll try it this way, in it's entirety,
as an instrument.

Long live Reason and Cubase and Macs and PC's.


Why is there no audio in anymore on macs, was this to save QA costs??
What's the deal with the totally exposed "quicksilver" speaker that begs
kids to poke in the cone and why is there no paper clip cd ejection
possibility on quicksilver machine's either?

With those items mentioned, Mac rules too!! we made computers to make life
easier, to the extent they do the opposite, they are a failure. Macs are
designed down to the drivers to be efficient, intuitive, creative tools.
Again if you really get in there and see what you can do without having to
go through a bunch of cryptic BS it's hard not to love them.

on 10/1/01 1:21 PM, Mark Sottilaro at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

 > No, I agree that Mac vs. PC is basically a holy war, as is Repeater vs. 
 > Can't we all just get along?  There's room for everyone in cyberspace.
 > I want a Cubase blows teeshirt!  I thought everyone loved it, but I 
 > it
 > was comfortable to work with.  Seems like it's trying too hard to emulate
 > hardware, and it should drop that fake gear interface when it's not
 > appropreate.
 > I kind of feel the same way about Rebirth and Reason.  Why won't Reason 
 > me
 > to record a bass loop in realtime via midi?  Who knows.  I only end up 
 > it at
 > work where we don't have any audio hardware, and I need some music in a 
 > otherwise it pretty much lays dormant.
 > Mark Sottilaro

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