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Re: Repeater Overdub Problem

YES!  This has happened to me as well.  I'm waiting for word from Electrix
on this.  Let me ask you a question: When this happens, is the Repeater
slaved to a MIDI clock?  I ask because I've got a Roland MC-307 that spits
out a LOT of CC information.  To save ROM space, they use an onboard
processor to tweak individual drum sounds.  If you don't set it to not spit
out this CC info, it does do odd stuff to the Repeater.  I haven't had this
happen since I turned it off, so this may have been the problem.


DaViD AuKeR wrote:

> I really dig "dueting" w/myself - subsequent overdub runs thru a loop
> coming back at me as I then harmonize. I KNOW I've done this w/Repeater,
> but I only seem to be able to do this *sometimes.*
> I have a couple of tracks playing, and I'm overdubbing on a  track that
> already has material recorded.    Most of the time, I only hear the most
> recent layer, and then only when "record" is turned off, any feedback
> 'die-down' of original material only apparent then.  Any ideas on why
> this is a hit and miss operation for me?   It doesn't matter what the
> feedback is set at....I'm on the card, and memory is ample.
> David