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Re: Kim on EDP (DelayMode mod!)

>>I haven't found a use for Quantise yet, as I don't use a dum machine.
>>................I mean drum machine
>Quantize has nothing to do with drum machines! It is just a question 
>of how you approach rhythm in manipulating loops. With quantize off, 
>all actions you do with the EDP occur instantly, exactly when you 
>execute them. With quantize on, all actions occur at the next cycle 
>boundary, with the machine executing them exactly at the cycle 

Andy said:
>>Isn't the feedback setup different in Delay Mode too?
>>In Loop Mode the feedback changes at the loop end.
>>In Delay it can be used to fade out just a bit of the loop!

Kim replied:
>no, the feedback is exactly the same in both cases. It doesn't 
>matter if you are in loop mode or delay mode. Feedback is a live 
>control at all times, and you can always manipulate it during a loop 
>to just fade out one portion while maintaining another.

hm, while it does not seem true that "feedback changes at the loop 
end" (did we understand you, Andy?) its not exactly true that feeback 
is the same in Loop and Delay mode either:
While Mute is active, in LoopMode the FB is fixed to max, in Delay 
mode its what you set it to. In other words: in LoopMode, Mute is 
also "Hold" while in DelayModes Mute, the delay continues "updating".
Also, the DelayModes Overdub is not just "inverted", its really 
"Hold", so the FB is kept at max.
This may sound complicated, but in use, LoopMode is handy for looping 
and the DelayMode simply reproduces what any ordinary delay would do.

>>Can I pester Matthias for a MIDI controlled input mute to compensate?
>you can try, but it will be your fault that the LoopIV software 
>takes longer to finish. :-)

thats true. We discussed it off list to find a way to create a MIDI 
only command to just mute the input, independent on the state we are 
in (also during Record...).
Are there more users interested in this (after you consider what Kim 
explained about using the pedal and maybe Quantize)?

Then Andy came up with a simpler idea that I will implement if nobody 
rejects it totally:
In DelayMode, during Multiply, we will consider the state of Overdub, 
which means that if Overdub is on (was activated (Hold) before the 
Multiply started), the input continues off and FeedBack at maximum 
during the whole Multiply (including rounding).
I find it consistent and that way everone has a simple way to do a 
silent Multiply. How is that?

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