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Re: sample loopers + EDP

>The one downside to the SP-303 is that it only has a MIDI IN, so you can
>sync it off other units, but you can't sync other units off it.  It would
>be nice if i could have this drive an EDP or a Jam Man, using the MIDI 
>clock...but I can't...i guess i would need to upgrade to the SP-808 for
>that capaibility.  Or I could use antoher MIDI beat source to 

It would be handy not to need a sequencer to make the sampler loop.
We have a MIDI note coming out of the EDP at loop start, so that 
could trigger the sample. But so far the note is very short. We could 
also send the NoteOFF at the end of the loop. Would that help anyone? 
Or is it smarter to keep the note short and the user cuts the NoteOFF 
with some MIDI device?
Also, you have to move all MIDIcommands (that are sent on the same 
channel) if you want it to be a different note. We do not have a free 
parameter so you can freely define what note it is, but we could make 
it definable by Sysex. Again, some simple MIDI box may be handyer to 
translate the EDP note into the one you need...

These are the final anjustments for the upgrade...


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