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Re: Loops for Acid

Actually, I'm always amazed at how much a pain in the butt getting 
sample loops to be what I want, downloading, archiving, remembering what 
you have... so much so that I find it a LOT easier (and more fulfilling) 
to just make them!  There's a bunch of pretty good apps, Reason is one, 
that will let you tweak drums to your heart's content.  AND THEY WILL BE 
YOURS!  I find if you do it on Hardware, you don't have to drag a 
computer to a gig.  The Korg eTribe stuff is pretty good, and Roland 
makes a a bunch of different "grooveboxes" in different price points.  
Check stores for older stuff too, it's often still very good.

Mark Sottilaro
On Wednesday, October 3, 2001, at 11:50 PM, leocavallo wrote:

>>  I am just looking
>> for a cheap, but legal way to get quality loops: non-commercial / 
>> home-made
>> ones, ok ?
> no problem.
> try the samples @ www.groundloops.com
> ciao
> leo
> www.groundloops.com
> c o o l . s o u n d s  &  s a m p l e . c d s
> f r e e . s a m p l e s . a r c h i v e