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RE: COMPUTER PLUGINS for LOOP PROCESSING: a proposed new thread


Many thanks for the links.  The q-deloiser delay is the last piece of the
puzzle for me.  I was looking for a computer version of the Line 6 DL 4
delay modeler, and the q-deloiser is as close as I have found, but I think
it will work.  Now it's time to get the didgeridoos and see what I can do!
BTW, I am using AudioMulch, I am new to computer based looping and it's the
only software I know.

Thanks again,

"We are the music makers, and
 we are the dreamers of dreams"
                             Willy Wonka

>>From: whiteoakstudios [mailto:whiteoakstudios@supanet.com]
>>Here are a few URLs as requested by a number of loopers.
>>I'd be intersted to find out what software people are using to run these
>>plugins - AudioMulch, Reaktor ??