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Repeater sound clip

Hi list,

For you that are curious on some of the effects you can acheive by midi
controlling the Repeater I have posted a 1,26 mb sound clip at

Nothing special, musically, just a loose jam on an old Hendrix tune.
Repeater was slaved to a sequencer running a drum loop. Then I played a
guitar into Repeater while midi controling it. Recorded live in one take.

The first thing I did, under the drum intro, was to send the midi msg for
tuning down a track one octave. You can hear that the guitar riff starts
looping an octave down on that track. You can also hear one of the big
drawbacks with Repeater IMHO - that I had to play for another loop before
being able to get back into record mode again (now on another track). So I
kept filling up the other 3 tracks with stuff, changing record track by 
all the time.  The harmony solo was layered on one track, while record
looping in overdub mode. I had in mind to make much more harmonies before
taking them all away in a snap by sending an Undo msg, but somehow I fogot
this while playing.

Anyway, at the end you can hear that brilliant "midi controller 14 effect"
that was discussed earlier on the list. Repeater goes up and down in tempo
and pitch like a reel to reel machine or a vinyl being manipulated. You
could do some cool stuff with an expression pedal sending cntr 14, I guess.
Right after that you can also hear how Repeater does not go back to the
original pitch as it should when getting cntrl 14 value 64. The tuned down
"bass track" also came back to normal tuning after the "wild scratching".

Well, some damn cool things in the repeater but also some bugs to get 
out with software upgrades... hopefully ;)


Per Boysen

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