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RE: a modest proposal

Title: RE: a modest proposal

re gregg bendian's interzone with nels cline and alex cline.

i think that stig is in pretty thick with these guys and has held down the
low end in this very ensemble.

** yep. nels and alex play on one of my latest cds. nels and i are in a band that'll have a little cd out in jan 02 or so. i'm in a band with mssr  bendian that has a release in sept 2002 or so.

bendian's interzone cds with bass players:

#1: mark dresser (acoustic bass)

#2: me (electric bass)

#3: joel hamilton (acoustic bass)

#4: ?????? ( i only assume that gregg is writing for this right now)

tour is with kermit driscoll (ex-bill frisell band) on both acoustic and electric, i think.