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Re: SV: sample loopers + EDP

Matthias asked
>  > It would be handy not to need a sequencer to make the sampler loop.
>>  We have a MIDI note coming out of the EDP at loop start, so that
>>  could trigger the sample. But so far the note is very short. We could
>  > also send the NoteOFF at the end of the loop. Would that help anyone?

PEr Boysen answered:
>The way I use a sampler with looping I would prefere not to have a NoteOFF
>at the end of the loop. This way I would still have the possibility to arm
>the sampler with a veeeery looong sample and thus having it
>overlapping/layering itself a bit for each EDP loop (cool for textures). 
>I want it to just restart with the loop I can simply reduce the samplers
>voices to one or two for stereo samples (for drum loops).

ok, this makes sense!

>  > Or is it smarter to keep the note short and the user cuts the NoteOFF
>>  with some MIDI device?
>I would prefere it short. If I want to have it trigger a long sample I 
>set the sampler program for a long release time.

Oh, thats simpler than I thought...
Its a shame, I never had a sampler to work with... do they all have 
such huge release times?

So it seems I can leve the short note as it is. My primary intension 
was to throw a little dot on the sequencers screen to make the cycle 
and loop start points visible...

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