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RE: a modest proposal

Title: RE: a modest proposal


    Do you have any sound snippetts web enabled? 

** i don't have any personally. and i'm not sure the label web site has any - - the pieces are all very long (14 to 22 minutes). you can try:


Would this CD satisify  those of us who nearly worship Nels Cline?

** dunno. he's on one piece - - the last on the record (17 minutes or so). (each piece is a concerto for a primary soloist with improvising backing band, soloists are tom varner, mark dresser, vinny golia and mssr cline.) if you're into clinedom, i think he plays his ass off on his piece (and is, therefore, worshipful); for ot, it has a really sick bit of synchronicty between loopage and played material at one point, but the loopage is minimal (hence my not hawking the damn thing here). i think it covers a lot of what nels does. if you're into nels' twin bro alex, you get a lot of him on the disc.

i think that it's satisfying in any event ;-)  

(it's gotten some nice reviews so far.)

Are you selling autographed copies to your comrades on LD?

** selling sure. autographed? flattered. thanks for asking . . .