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Re: Repeater sound clip

Mark Sottilaro said:
> I don't think we should stop talking about any looper (I delete a lot of 
> threads that don't pertain to gear I use, or am thinking about 
> using/getting), but since Electrix has been good enough to set up a 
> user's forum on their site (http://www.electrixpro.com) we should 
> probably keep bug related and "how do you..." questions to the forum.

Mark, thanks for the forum info!   I read a few things there, but it's a
Really Slow-Loader for my modem...I don't have the time to really cruise
it.  I hope Repeater stuff keeps coming to Loopers-Delight!  Keep
talking about all loopers!

...I've had good response from info@electrixpro.com

||: David :||