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Re: repeater and footswitches

I guess you should conect 3 of that Roland pedals, placing a resistor 
beetween two of them to connect the 3rd.

Any details from Electrix?


>I just ordered a Repeater and was curious whether I could use some Roland
>FS-5U footswitches I have lying around to control (i.e. start/stop) loop
>recording for hands-free operations. Reading the manual I read the 
>"Any TRS style 3-button foot controller (like a Digitech FS-300) gives 
>control over play/stop, record and tap tempo"
>Obviously the FS-5Us are single-button momentary footswitches, but I could
>theoretically plug 2 into the Repeater via a Y-cable to hopefully get 
>to some subset of the "play/stop, record and tap tempo" functionality that
>the FS-300 achieves. Has anyone tried this ?
>(Luckily the FS-300 isn't too expensive, so I'll probably spring for it 
>if I
>can't make use of my FS-5U units)
>thanks for any info.,