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Re: Jon Hassell CDs

Dr Zvonar wrote:
> At 3:43 PM -0400 10/8/01, PRCamann@aol.com wrote:
> >Does anyone on the list know where I can obtain CDs of the Jon 
> >Hassell albums Earthquake Island and Aka Darbari Java?
> Earthquake Island
> http://www.aeonmusic.com/aeon-h.html
> http://pages.prodigy.net/stnight/caspg.html
> http://www.vinyl.de/originale/lpblack.htm
> Aka Darbari Java
> http://www.twistedvillage.com/catalog/vinyl_moderncomp.shtml 
> http://www.recordcollectorsabyss.com/noise.html
> http://www.ricksdiscs.com/jazz.html
> http://www.boltbeats.com/bolt-h.html

damn, you had me going for a moment... but these
are all LPs... 

Did these ever actually make it to CD??  I am starting to doubt it... 



I am the wombat.