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10 improvisors...

10 Improvisors (no particular order)

Bruce Cockburn (acoustic guitar god)
Coltrane (no, really? :o)
Frisell (stretches it in all directions, still sounds like Frisell)
Bill Evans (listening to two takes of the same tune recorded one after the 
other and hearing the difference really opened me
up to the breadth of Jazz improv)
Jimmy Haslip (even in the confines of uber-fusioners The Yellowjackets, 
Jimmy's soloing and walking live are amazing)
Abe Laboriel (from mellow chording to punching the crap out of his bass, 
his engery is incredible)
Rick Walker
Michael Manring
Jerome Curry
Jez Carr (Rick, Michael, Jerome and Jez are all players I've had the 
priviledge of playing in free improv settings with over
the last few months, and all have taught me a great deal about process, 
direction, freedom and fun - should be some recorded
stuff available of me with each of them at some point in the not too 
distant future...)