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Re: reply sometimes not to the list?

can't you just have your server software overwrite this?
would that be bad form?

> Normally, the list server sets the "reply-to" field to equal the list 
> address for every post that is sent out. So you press reply to a post on 
> and it is addressed back to the list instead of the person who posted 
> However, if the original poster has the "reply-to" field set in their 
> program, the list server lets that override and doesn't change it to the 
> list address. So you press reply to that particular person's mail and it 
> addressed back to the poster and not the list. So when you see this 
> it is really because the person you are replying to has their mail 
> set to add the "reply-to" header. It is rare for somebody to do this, 
> usually there is no reason for them to do it. They may not even know, so 
> you might try asking that person to change the settings on their mail 
> program to not use "reply-to".
> kim