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RE: stereo delay

Thanks Kim, I'm waiting for the fun replies here as well!

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At 08:11 AM 10/10/2001, Andy Ewen wrote:
>All manufacturers have this requirement if they want to stay in business
>past one product.
>Maybe you or someone who knows could give me a rough estimate on how much
>they think it would cost to develop a Repeater-Beater?

that sounds like a fun game. It seems a lot of people here have very 
concept of the economic realities involved in developing products for 
esoteric niches in the musical instrument industry.

So why don't we play? those of you who like to jump up and down about this 
a lot, how about you provide us *YOUR* analysis of the economics involved? 
How much do you think it would cost to develop such a next generation 
looper? How long do you think it would take? What would be the costs, and 
the price? What would be the operational costs and overhead involved in 
selling such a thing? And most important, how long would you be selling it 
before you recovered your investment?

looking forward to some amusing replies,

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