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dl-4 left button malfunction


   After reading someone's post about Line-6's undiplomatic response to 
inquiries by a member of our special community, I think it's time to 
re-evaluate my praise of their monsterous green machine.  Specifically 
because, a little over a year after my purchase, the far left button (the 
one used for initial record and overdub functions) has become 
intermittently unusable.    
    Sometimes, it won't begin recording.  Other times, it won't end 
recording and go into overdub, just continue recording as if I hadn't 
pressed it.  Still other times, it will do this strange thing where it 
becomes a short delay without infinite repeat, where both led's for record 
and overdub are indicated, but the loop does not keep getting louder, only 
delays infinitely until a new note is played, at which point that note, 
completely by itself (without overdubbing over previous sounds) will delay 

    I have enjoyed this pedal for a while.  As a result of it, I am now 
dependent on having a delay that utilizes tap tempo.  Preferably one that 
also takes batteries.  But, after recently aquiring the Boss loop station, 
I have realized how constricting the 28 second loop time really is when 
you're dealing with a device that only handles single loops.  

   The programming function made absolutely no sense to me ever.  There 
was never any problem with the middle two presets.  I just could never get 
the programmed parameters of the left location (even before it went 
kapputt) to come back to me when I switched delay models, even after 
setting both high and low.  That's when I learned that there you can only 
preset the parameters once, and those parameters would apply to all the 
delay models when you switched, so if you set the knob that made "bass" 
high on one model, that might mean that "tape flutter" would be set high 
when you switched presets.  Somehow, this explanation didn't make sense 

     So, I wonder if anyone has any recommendations.  1. Can the switch be 
fixed?  2. What is the real programming deal with the unit  3. What delay 
PEDALS that sound even remotely alright offer realtime control of delay 
time with either a tap or sync (I know Big Briar has a pedal control on 
the Moog analog delay, but $600 is a tad steep)  Battery option is mucho 
importante (I busk, camp, jam with drum circles, and generally like to 
play far away from things like electrical outlets) . . . Thanks in advance 
for your answers, and to tap into this very knowledgeable if slightly 
schizophrenic brain trust


P.S. Don't let the hair comments get you down, Kim.  You'd still make the 
ultimate bartender at the Intergallactic Loopers' Saloon!  (Just wrap that 
beaver tail in a net before pouring my scotch, if you don't mind!)